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  • Do I have to come up with the ideas for the Video?

    • No. We can do that if you'd prefer - and we'd love to - or we can collaborate with you.

  • What do I do with the Video? 

    • If it is for advertising purposes, you publish it on social media platforms and YouTube. We can offer you free advice on how best to do this or we can manage it for you ongoing at cost.

  • Isn't Video expensive to make?

    • Thanks to modern technology, no. We also offer full service managed packages that help to keep costs down.

  • I want to advertise my business on Social Media but I don't want to use video. Do you help with this?

    • Yes. We can create & curate alternative high-quality content to meet your needs - namely image, text and/or link posts.

  • What are the best platforms to publish my posts on?

    • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube

  • I have other questions. Who's the best person for me to speak to?

    • Luke is our Senior Head of Video Production + Digital Marketing. Please feel free to call him direct on his mobile: 0408-870-876.